Do E-Cigs Have Nicotine?

The short answer to that question is, “Yes and no!” Electronic cigarettes contain the amount of nicotine the user chooses. It can be a very high amount, or it can be none at all. This decision is entirely up to the user of electronic cigarette. What electronic cigarettes definitely do not have is all of the carcinogenic chemicals and pesticides with which obsolete tobacco cigarettes are laced.

 Electronic cigarettes are similar to obsolete tobacco cigarettes in these ways: they (can) contain nicotine and they provide users with the habits and rituals of hand to mouth action, oral gratification and throat hit derived from inhaling a substance. In the case of obsolete tobacco cigarettes, that substance is life threatening smoke. In the case of electronic cigarettes, that substance is a clean, fresh vapor consisting of water, food grade flavoring, food grade propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin and the amount of pharmaceutical grade nicotine the user chooses.

 Will E-Cigs satisfy the forces that drive people to smoke?

 There are many reasons why people smoke. Among them are flavor, stress reduction, habit and nicotine addiction. It’s important to note that addiction to nicotine is not the main reason people continue smoking. It is certainly a very strong part of the mix, but the habits that go along with smoking:

  •  Use of the cigarette to punctuate discussion
  • Ÿ  Frequent breaks throughout the day
  • Ÿ  Hand to mouth action
  • Ÿ  Oral gratification
  • Ÿ  Looking cool
  • Ÿ  Enjoyment

 Play a large part in the reasons people begin smoking and continue smoking.

 When nicotine addiction is a major motivator for smoking, the underlying reason is the fact that nicotine is a stimulant. People who smoke primarily for the nicotine content enjoy the small rush they get from the nicotine as it works its way through the bloodstream stimulating the lungs and brain. Simultaneously, nicotine has the dubious honor of being one of the very few substances that both stimulates and relaxes its user. The reason for this is that nicotine triggers a release of feel good hormones called endorphins. This combination of qualities allows a smoker to relax and take a cigarette break and return from it seemingly refreshed and energized.

 It’s important to realize that endorphins can be triggered by actions (such as exercising, laughing and falling in love) and you can train your body to produce endorphins. In fact, as time passes, the rituals that go along with smoking trigger the production of endorphins. This is why the rituals are important. E-Cigs support users in keeping the rituals.

 It’s easy to see why this physical response would cause smokers to become addicted to nicotine. In and of itself, nicotine is not incredibly harmful; however, when it is wrapped up in a package of deadly chemicals, pesticides and carcinogens, far more than relaxation and stimulation are delivered to the user. Long-term cigarette smokers risk cancer, emphysema, anxiety, depression and the well being and welfare of those around them.

 The International Agency for Research on Cancer does not classify nicotine as a carcinogen. It is best known as a stimulant (as it is caffeine) and is best used sparingly or not at all. Luckily, unlike obsolete tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes empower users to control the amount of nicotine consumed.

 Are electronic cigarettes completely non carcinogenic?shutterstock_78971668

 Generally speaking, yes. Although more research needs to be done to fully understand the safety or lack thereof inherent in electronic cigarettes, their simple makeup is a strong indication of the low threat to health they pose.

 Because electronic cigarettes are made of a plastic material and because they generate heat, the potential for carcinogen production is present. If electronic cigarette atomizers, cartridges and/or cartomizers are overused and become overheated, you will notice a burned taste. This is the flavor of burning plastic, which is carcinogenic and should be avoided! When you use an electronic cigarette, you should change out the components regularly per the instructions.

 Because electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, they do not pose a threat to others. There is no side draft smoke with electronic cigarettes because there is no smoke at all. The vapor you inhale consists of the ingredients listed above. The vapor you exhale dissipates almost the instant it touches the air. It is odorless and harmless.

 Using E-Cigarettes with the amount of nicotine you choose is an excellent way to reduce the harm done to your body by obsolete tobacco cigarettes. Many smokers take up E-Cigs thinking that they will use them as an occasional alternative for tobacco cigarettes and find that they enjoy them much more than tobacco cigarettes. Whether or not you choose electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes or in addition to tobacco cigarettes is entirely up to you; however, many smokers pick up E-Cigs, put down tobacco cigs and never look back.

 Most smokers are surprised by how well electronic cigarettes address addiction and cravings. For the majority of smokers, the well documented health hazards of tobacco cigarettes cause a great deal of anxiety. The fact that smoking obsolete tobacco cigarettes also costs a small fortune only adds to this anxiety. Electronic cigarettes pose few if any health hazards, cost a fraction of the price of obsolete tobacco cigarettes and provide smokers with the rituals and habits they have come to expect and the amount of nicotine they choose.

 How do you control nicotine consumption with E-Cigs?

 In the past, new vapers (people who enjoy electronic cigarettes) were often startled by the fact that they found themselves vaping nonstop. They were distressed that there was no signal to let them know when they had vaped the equivalent of an obsolete tobacco cigarette. Today there are a few very high quality electronic cigarettes that do include a timer to help new vapers control nicotine consumption. Because the best E-Cig producers are very responsive to the needs and wishes of their customers, this is a trend that can be expected to spread in the future.

 Not only do electronic cigarettes help smokers reduce the harm of tobacco consumption for themselves, they also help reduce harm for those around the smoker. The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes affects no one but the user. As soon as it is breathed out, it dissipates. If you are discreet, people around you may never even know that you are vaping.

 All in all, electronic cigarettes are a viable option for smokers who wish to reduce or end their consumption of obsolete tobacco cigarettes.